Sunday, March 7, 2010

(Many)Random Thoughts

Spring break has come and gone, which is pretty sad. I unfortuanately got sick for most of my break, but I have to say it is better that I got sick during break than while I had classes. And even though I was sick, I still was able to get a lot done, which I'm really thankful for. I think it was my favorite spring break, simply because I was somewhat industrious, and made the best use of my time. I cleaned out and organized a bunch of stuff in the house, and even got some assignments done for school ahead of time. Each break, I have all sorts of plans to use my time wisely, and be productive, but it rarely ever happens like that. This time was different though, and I'm so glad.
I learned a lot during this break. About myself, about life, about spiritual growth, about time management, about perseverance,and about trusting in God.
I still have so much to learn, and am looking forward to what the rest of the school year holds for me. I know I wont always willingly learn the lessons that come my way, but I plan on really trying.
It can be overwhelming to see how little I know about spirituality, about being like Christ, about being unselfish. But I plan on redeeming the time.
One thing that has really helped me over break was prayer. I'm not very good about praying, but spending just a little more time than usual has made a huge difference for me this break, and I encourage any one who may happen to read this to try it for themselves.
I've also spent some time reading up on the lives of the Waldensians, and I have been so blessed. I grew up on their stories, and it has been so refreshing to get reaquainted with them.
Another subject that has recently been on my heart is purity. I will have to write more on that later, but yeah, when I really stopped and evaluated my life, I realized that I am not as pure as I often given myself credit for, and that purity of heart means a lot more than what I really think.
Trust and surrender are two other areas that God has been working on me with recently.
Probably most of all though, I realized that growth in gace, growing up in Christ, is a long process, that it doesn't magically happen...This concept I tend to forget quite often.
I will try to write about each of the various topics I hit at greater length some other time. I have so much to share.
(I'm not sure what my point was in writing what I did...Maybe I was just trying to recap 10 days in 10 minutes for myself or something. In anycase, it's fun writing to myself here.)
So here's to another 2 months of school with God, learning to trust Him more, and to surrender every moment of every day.


  1. Have you ever read 'Paula-The Waldensian'? That was one of my favorite children's books and I just came across it yesterday and read some of it again. It never fails to pull at my heart strings and give me a longing for a closer walk with God that will flow out to others in a real, day-by-day way.

  2. We read it as a family when I was really young, so I don't remember much of it. By the time I was reading we only had a spanish copy, so I couldn't read it.
    I'll have to find a copy and read it. I remember it was well loved by our family. Did you know there was a boy version of that book?
    I don't remember the title though.
    Right now I'm reading 'History of the Waldenses' by J.A. Wylie.
    It can get hard to read sometimes, because it's so old, but I love it anyway.
    Anyway, good to hear from you.
    I tried leaving a comment on your blog a couple nights ago, and for some reason it wasn't working.
    As always, I was blessed by what you wrote.

  3. No I didn't know there was a boy version of that book! Ugh, my blog always seems to have issues. I'm glad to know that you were blessed though. :)