Thursday, March 25, 2010

God Talking

"In consideration of the shortness of time we as a people should watch and pray, and in no case allow ourselves to be diverted from the solemn work of preparation for the great event before us. Because the time is apparently extended, many have become careless and indifferent in regard to their words and actions. They do not realize their danger and do not see and understand the mercy of our God in lengthening their probation, that they may have time to form characters for the future, immortal life. Every moment is of the highest value. Time is granted them, not to be employed in studying their own ease and becoming dwellers on the earth, but to be used in the work of overcoming every defect in their own characters and in helping others, by example and personal effort, to see the beauty of holiness. God has a people upon the earth who in faith and holy hope are tracing down the roll of fast-fulfilling prophecy and are seeking to purify their souls by obeying the truth, that they may not be found without the wedding garment when Christ shall appear. . . .
The signs foretold in prophecy are fast fulfilling around us. This should arouse every true follower of Christ to zealous action."
Maranatha, pg. 92.

"The humblest workers, in cooperation with Christ, may touch chords whose vibrations shall ring to the ends of the earth and make melody throughout eternal ages." The Ministry of Healing, pg. 159.
Today Dick Duerksen came and spoke at our school. He talked about serving, about being a servant. He talked about going to Haiti, Africa, Peru. He shared some amazing experiences that people he had recently met shared with him. Experiences of God speaking to them directly. About seeing Jesus' face. About divine appointments.
I want that. I miss being on the cutting edge of God's work. I want so bad to have God talk to me. For some reason I think it would somehow affirm my walk with Him. It would somehow make me feel that maybe I was doing a couple things right.
Deep down inside, I know that God speaking directly doesn't make me any more holy, or spiritual. But I still want it. I would feel closer to Him.
And yet, I have to remind myself that He can speak just as clearly through His word, and providential leadings. I am trying to learn to listen. To be in tune.
It doesn't come naturally to me. The world around me, and my own words, usually drown out His voice.

I'm not sure how the two quotes fit in with anything I just wrote. They both really spoke to me, so I just felt like including them.

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