Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Instead of Studying...

This is what I did this past Sunday instead of studying for my Adult Health 1 class. Since the Canon D50 is just a little over my budget, I bought an old Canon EOS Rebel G with two different lenses for really cheap at a flea market on sunday... and since it isn't a digital, but a film camera, I had to run over to wal mart and buy me some rolls of film. Then Andrea and I jumped on our bikes and started taking pictures; her with Samuels digital camera that he's lending us, and me with my "new" babe. I used up 24 exposures in less than an hour. I then raced over to Wal mart only to find out they don't do 1 hour film developing (which I HAD to have!), so then I went to Walgreens, and dropped off my roll of film there. I sped to work, and as soon as I finished work, I spent the last of my measly paycheck on developing my film. Anyway, I am sooo happy right now. Not because I got some 'out of this world' pictures back, but because I love taking pictures... I love the whole process of manually focusing, etc. I just love everything about it, and I have been waiting so long to get a "real" camera in my hands. I think my dusty little Canon Rebel is as close to a "real" camera as I'm going to get for a good while, but for however short or long I have it, I plan on treasuring it every moment. It's old, it's dirty, and it's probably gonna fall apart soon, but I love it. I spent a good hour walking the whole flea market, looking for any old camera, and at one point found one that I knew didn't fit the bill, but I was so desperate I almost got it, but I kept going... and finally, just as I had given up and had agreed to leave, I happened to notice the camera, with the two lenses, just sitting out on one mans table. I had passed by that booth at least 4 times, and I hadn't seen it. Sooo, anyway, I am soo happy for my camera. I can't wait to develop the black and white film that I've started next .

Remember to go out and do something you love!- Hopefully for you it wont mean slacking on an important class in school:)