Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Journey

What do you do when you have an epiphany? Like where do you go from there?
How is it that from one minute to the next your whole perspective and focus on something can change?
I never want to forget this moment in time. I know that from now on my life is not going to be the same. In what specific ways I'm not exactly sure yet, but I'm okay with that for now, because that is not the point.

Right now I'm just really grateful, really relieved actually. There are few things as beautiful as the feeling of when something that is very dear to you finally makes sense. Really makes sense. In case you're wondering; this revelation doesn't make my life any easier or less complicated. Quite the opposite actually. I believe that with my new insight and focus I have signed up for a path that is much more difficult and treacherous than the one I was on before. And the most difficult aspect of it is the uncertainty that comes with it. Uncertainty is one of my worst enemies. Security has always been really important to me, so letting go of it is extremely difficult for me, but I've already taken the first step, and I'm determined not to look back, except to remember how God has led me.

Something that has made taking this step on my new journey easier is that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is in this. I could not accept any more uncertainty in my life unless it were so.
No fear of uncertainty or hardship can equal the peace that comes from following what you know to be right and true.
I know I have been somewhat vague about what exactly my epiphany was. And although I wont share what that was, like I mentioned earlier, God has led, and I'm simply following where I know I must go in order to be a little closer to eternity, to unity and completeness, wholeness.

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