Friday, November 20, 2009


I've spent the past hour(or two) doing something I enjoy immensely-- reading blogs. There's usually a theme to the blogs I follow/read. The theme is inspiration. I either follow blogs on photography, or of people whose walk with God encourages me and challenges me, motivates me to reach higher and dream bigger with and for God. Usually my favorite blogs to read tend to be by people who usually write long posts. But tonight, I happened to come across a blog that I had previously perused, but had never really sat down and read. This persons writing took me by surprise.
Almost all of their posts were only a couple sentences long. It was so refreshing. Something about the way they wrote, with so few words, really moved me. I'm not saying that I no longer like long posts, because that's not true. I'm simply saying that I find it so amazing that someone can have as big an impact on someone with just 5 lines of writing, as someone who's written 20 lines. And I think it's a gift. To be able to bring across a big idea with few words is a real talent. One that I don't have.
And even as a write, I'm beginning to suspect that maybe it isn't a matter of how many or how few words some people write~ it's almost as if every sentence they speak/write is a breath of fresh air. It's like you want to sit in their presence and just soak it all up. It really is impossible to explain, you just have to experience it for yourself.
And I know where their gift of communicating comes from. It comes from deep down in their hearts, and the One who places every one of their inspiring poems and anecdotes there is the very same One of whom it was said "never man spake like this man". I'm so blessed to be able to hear Jesus speaking through people who are able to express so much truth in such few words.

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