Saturday, November 21, 2009

Death Hurts

This week has been filled with sadness, and greater longing for home than ever for home.
I hesitated writing about this in light of my previous post this week regarding death. But I have to write. It somehow helps. On thursday morning we got news that a student missionary from our school serving overseas was murdered. And we cried. I know many of us students of us cried when we heard, because I saw them. My heart aches. For her, for her family and loved ones left behind. When I heard of her death I hoped with all my heart that she died instantly, not having felt any pain. But from the latest news, that wasn't so. And that makes it so much worse.
None of this was ever supposed to happen. Especially not to someone out educating little minds, and molding their hearts.
I can't comprehend the grief her loved ones must feel.
Each day more here on earth equals more sadness and suffering. I really don't understand how people can not want Jesus to come soon. The good news is, he's coming soon. Like Mark Finley said last weekend, Jesus can put off his coming for only so long, but there comes a point that regardless of our readiness, he must come, and take his children home.
I want to go home, and I want to inform as many people about Jesus and his coming.
God help us shake off all this earthliness and embrace eternity like we should.

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