Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bird who loved

I just saw the most amazing thing. I wish I had a camera around to have gotten a picture of it.

As I was leaving the Southerns student center, I happened to glance to my right and down on the cement, I saw one of the most amazing birds I've ever seen. I've never seen that kind until today.

I figured that it was injured, because I got within a foot of it, and knelt down, and it didn't move. I thought it must've rammed into the glass doors or walls accidentally. I talked to it, and it just tilted it's head and just stared at me, blinking. I couldn't make myself walk away from it, so I just sat there, not sure what to do.

Eventually some college students walked up and started asking me what happened. I told them that I thought it was injured, since it's left foot was bent at a strange angle. What I found interesting was that all the other injured birds I'd seen would move away from me when I approached it, no matter how weak they may have been. But this one didn't move at all. Not even when 8 or 9 people were crowded around it, towering over it.

No one wanted to just leave it there. Some recommended picking it up and taking it to the outdour ed major department, figuring they out of any one would know what to do.

Just then someone gasped. A girl had seen another bird, about 5 feet away underneath a table, nearer the glass wall, dead. It was exactly like the other bird. Someone reached over to grab the live bird, and right at that split second (scaring everyone half to death) our live birdie flew up and away. That's when I realized what was going on.

The bird wasn't hurt. It just didn't want to leave it's mate. That made me so sad. Even God's little birds know more about love than many of us human beings.
That little bird didn't want to keep living it's life without it's life partner. Life just didn't go on without it's mate. And we human beings, we just leave and pick up new partners like we change hairstyles or purses. We give up on friends and loved ones so quickly. There's so little loyalty left. We don't stand by our mate till death, let alone till after death. Seperation for that little bird was a non-negotiable. And for us humans, seperation is always on option. There's always a way out. When the going get's tough, we just bail out. We bail out from marraige, from work, from school, and some of us, we even check out of reality for awhile. I'm not saying there aren't situations where seperation isn't the best thing. I actually believe that way more people should be seperated, even divorced, that aren't presently. I really truly believe that-- But that's for a whole other post. What I am saying is just that it's so sad how we christians, who profess to be converted, break up or divorce from each other just because "we fell out of love", or "we grew apart", or "just because"... The list goes on and on. We Christians. We who should show what "till death" is all about. We who should show what loyalty and commitment is all bout, we have just as high a rate (if not higher) of divorce and abuse as the world does.
Seeing how that birdie didn't want to keep living without it's life companion, made me think of Jesus. If we really loved Jesus, we wouldn't want a single moment of our lives to be lived without him. We wouldn't even think of leaving him. It would be a non-negotiable.
We've lost so much. We don't know the first thing about love as Christians, and I think that's the saddest thing in the world.


  1. you are so right on...this post really touched me more than I can say.

  2. I'm so glad this post spoke to you Azure, and I'm glad your blogsite is working again... I couldn't get to it for awhile.
    Hope your spring is going well so far!