Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Ears

So I took Fundamentals of Public Speaking over the summer- my most dreaded subject of all my A.S. classes which I put off till the last possible moment... I took it online, and thankfully I only had to give three speeches, instead of the standard 5-6.
I had to videotape myself in front of an audience, and one of the audiences could be family and friends.  So of course my first speech was given in front of my family and friends. I talked about bicycle safety.
I invited some friends from the upstairs apartment, and the mom and her little 2 and a-half year old son came.
I was of course nervous and made a fool of myself, and felt like I was wasting my words.
Come to find out, my friend with the 2 yr old called me today telling me that yesterday she was talking with her mom about getting the boy a bike for his birthday, and the grandma mentioned the various different accessories he would need like a helmet and knee pads, and the little boy chimed in then and said "Yes, I need a helmet so I wont hurt my head". The mom was surprised he knew what a helmet was for, but didn't think twice about it, until he said next, " Sara told me I need to wear a helmet to be safe".
Wow, I was so surprised, and so was his mom. I never once mentioned to him about helmets after the brief 5 minute talk that I gave more than 2 months ago.
Since when do little two year olds remember details like that?
I was encouraged to know that my silly talk wasn't a complete waste, and it also scared me to realize how closely little ones listen to what goes on around them.
Hopefully we are teaching the little ears around us only good things.

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