Wednesday, July 14, 2010


"In the night season I was before a company,* talking with them upon faith, and trying to make them understand that they were far behind in this respect. . . . They had a deficient experience in the knowledge of God and their Redeemer. I was trying to show them that they must be able intelligently to voice the words of John, 'Behold the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world' (John 1:29), that they must behold Him as their sin bearer.
Then the Word of God was opened before me in a most beautiful, striking light. Page after page was turned, and I read the gracious invitations and words of entreaty to seek God's glory and God's will, and all other things would be added. These invitations, promises, and assurances stood out as in golden letters. Why do you not grasp them? I said. Seek first to know God before any other thing. Search the scripture. Feed on the words of Christ, which are spirit and life, and your knowledge will enlarge and expand. Study your Bible. Study not the philosophy contianed in many books, but study the philosophy of the Word of the living God. Other literature is of little consequence when compared with this. Do not crowd into your minds so many things that are cheap and unsatisfying. In the Word of God is spread before you the richest banquet. It is the Lord's table, abundantly provided, whereof you may eat and be satisfied.
The promises of God stood out clear and distinct, as though placed in letters of gold. Why, oh, why are they not appreciated! Why is not the heart filled with thanksgiving and praise? Why are your tongues so silent?... The talent of speech is misappropriated. Let the talent of choice words be given to God in thanksgiving and rejoicing, and this will glorify His name. Surrender self entirely to God. 'Let the peace of God rule in your hearts... ; and be ye thankful.'"
*She was describing a dream or night vision.
E.G.W. ~ That I May Know Him, pg 201

Read this devotional thought a couple times. Let it sink in.
Imagine yourself as one of the ones in the company who Ellen G. White was talking to...
Read it again.
Then act on what God convicts you to do.

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