Monday, December 28, 2009

Many Things

Many things of little and big importance are on my mind right now. But most of all, the nearness of His coming is on my mind and heart. There is still so much to be done- in my heart, and in the hearts of many others. Gods mercy is inconceivable. He has put up with our wandering ways for so long. We are so complacent, when there's a battle going on around us, and inside us. We make room for those things of least importance, and make them our priority, instead of God. I should stop saying "we", because the truth is, I'm speaking of myself only.
"Who will put on the whole armor? Who will enlist under the blood-stained banner of Prince Emmanuel?... Divine enlightenment may come to every struggling, tempted child of God in order that he need not fall in the strife with the powers of darkness, but be a conqueror in every battle." ~EGW~ Sons and Daughters of God pg. 369
So often I brush eternal realities to the side, and forget that there's battles that must be won, not by living as I please, but by hard toil and perseverance. I forget that there's armor that I should always have on.
It is immensley encouraging to know that God is willing and able to give me not only the needed enlightenment, but also the strength to come out of each and every battle a conqueror, until that day that is very near, where I will no longer be tempted and tried by the enemy of each and every child of God. With this power and grace offered me, I rise up again from my lethargic, dulled stupor, and pick up this blood-stained banner of my Prince, who is coming again soon, to bring His children home.
Revelation 3:5

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