Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sabbath Walk

So today I stayed indoors most of the day thanks to the heat. But it finally cooled down around 4, so mami and I went out on the promenade. I was itching to try out my little camera that mom gave me just yesterday, so I took some pictures. These are just some of the amazing flowers out right now. Just as we were getting to the most beautiful of the flowers, it started raining, so that was the end of our picture taking. Oh, and I got to see a dog on the promenade! But of course I didn't ask the owner for a picture.
I'm so glad for Saturdays.

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  1. Hey thanks for saying hi on my blog! To answer your questions, yes we live in Romania! Its awesome, I love it! And I can understand Romanian pretty well but speaking it is still so hard for me. I am able to get by but I'm not fluent!! :)