Friday, March 9, 2012

Too Old?

Ever felt too old to attempt something new?

Me too.  And for several days I had been telling God just that--and was beginning to think He might be agreeing with me--until He drew very near and made me hush...

It was just yesterday, day five of a really long week, and I was beginning to feel that God must surely agree with my thought that I'm too old to try to memorize 5 verses a day. Not that I didn't think it was a good thing to do. I knew it was. Just for me it was too late in life to try something like that. Maybe I'll just go back to my 2 verses a week, and leave it those still in their formative years and those with really sharp minds, to pursue anything more than that.

The things we tell ourselves!

As I'm having this ongoing conversation with God about me being too old, I head out the door to study my verses and I was impressed to bring along the latest Adventist World that had just arrived in the mail that morning.

And the simple article that my eyes fell to on page 6-7was anything but coincidence. Not only was I incredibly blessed and encouraged by this humble farmers' words, but I was rebuked, in a good way.

Excuses. I make the silliest excuses for not doing something that isn't all that extreme, compared to others who spend 6 hours a day doing what I think I'm too old to do, and what they "...cannot help doing...".

Too old? Think again, Sara. He's exactly 3 times your age, spending 6 hours a day in His Word, and you're trying to convince God that you're presuming on Him by expecting Him to help you with 5 verses a day?...

Ahh, there's nothing like being put in ones place! I feel as if God is not only more than happy to help me in my endeavor to memorize more than 1 verse a day, but it's as if He's also saying Is that it?...Ephesians 3:20.

God is big. So much bigger than what we give Him credit for. No matter how small you may feel your faith to be, purpose in your heart to expect great things from Him.

Big faith, or little faith, God accepts either. And He honors and blesses either.

It's only been a week since I first considered joining this challenge, and already I have been blessed beyond what I expected...way beyond what this hesitant heart of mine deserves, simply from meditating day and night on words that were written just for us.

And it makes me smile deep down inside when I think this, of how much more excited He must be than us, seeing His little children captivated with Him more and more each day as we soak in His words...

And here I thought God had shown Himself very near yesterday??? Not a second after I wrote the above sentence, my "little" brother Sam, who in a few weeks starts on his 3rd deployment to Afghanistan, and who we haven't seen since New Years, knocked on our door!...This surprise visit is extra special...God knew we really needed it. This week has been a difficult one for us, as our other brother Adrian left for the Marines on Monday, and words fail to express how it's affected our family... But truly God is good. And faithful. And never, ever gives His children more than they can bear...
God's two greatest gifts to our family...please help us keep them in prayer?

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."


  1. too old?

    What does that make me, then?? :-)

    Okay. Not quite making the pace of everyone else, but I refuse to give up. Surely you aren't in your 40s like me :)

    He is sufficient.

  2. You're as young as you feel my mom likes to say, and this week my brain sure felt about 60 : )
    But you know, I think God is more excited with us *attempting* more than we're use to than He is with us getting a set amount done in a certain time. Quality is more important than quantity, I think... And just watch, you're going to pass me up in no time: D

    But seriously, you're an inspiration. You have a whole family to care for, and yet you aren't making excuses...

    And you're so right, He is sufficient.

  3. Sara--though we've never met--I treasure you and your comments. Thank you for your encouragement, and sharing bits of your heart here on your blog. May He draw us both ever, ever closer. And this post was convicting for me...I need to start regularly memorizing scripture...thank you, friend.

    May He bless you richly. Again, thank you for your comments..they are always so uplifting...peaceful...and point me to Him. Thank you!
    In Him,

    P.S. Have you heard the song "Be Still" by Keith and Kristyn Getty? I think it would bless you...your blog title reminded me of it...I was listening to it on replay this morning over and over.

    Blessings, Sara~

    1. I'm so happy to hear of your decision to put to memory more of His Words, Melanie... As Christians it's not a new idea to most of us, but like you said, "regularly memorizing" is not something a lot of us have done enough of--and thankfully it's never too late to start:D
      He really does mean what He says in 2Peter 1:4.

      And I'm so thankful for *you*, for the countless ways that His Spirit has prompted me through your words.

      (and thanks for the song--I've heard other songs of theirs, and will be sure to look this one up!)