Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Will Go

Joshua 1:9.
In the past few days this verse has been on my mind, and it seems that through nearly everything I've read and listened to recently, God nudged me and reminded me of this verse.
A few thoughts:
God wants me to realize that what needs to be done is impossible.
He needs me to realize the danger (from both within and without) I'm in as His follower. If I don't sense my danger, I wont be on guard. If I'm not on guard, I wont be ready for battle.
This is Satan's goal for each of us. He wants us just secure enough, just content enough, that we don't sense the magnitude of the dangers around us, and wont be prepared when he strikes. He knows that this far into the battle, each blow is more deadly than before... and he will do anything to keep us unaware.

When Joshua 1:9 first came back to mind early last week, not much else came, just that verse. But with each passing day, God has clarified that verse for me. I now know what He was wanting me to understand.
Last night and this morning, His message that had come in bits and pieces crystallized for me. As I happened to listen to this sermon last night that for some "random" reason I had downloaded a few weeks ago, and this afternoon when I came across the above video, I knew God was speaking to me.

God's timing is so perfect. He didn't have me listen and watch these two things before nudging me with Joshua 1:9, and when my heart was ripe, He brought the sermon and video to my attention...

Be strong and of a good courage. This He commands of me.
Yes what lies ahead is impossible. Yes I am not use to taking these kinds of headlong, foolhardy leaps of faith. Yes it wont feel natural. And it wont be safe.


God has commanded me.
"Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. "

Like Eric said, "We obey. God wins". When we obey, the impossible becomes possible...

Why did He command us to be strong and of good courage, to not be afraid or dismayed in the face of impossibilities? Why? Because Yeshua, He will be leading us, and He will never leave us.

We are even at the Jordan... We are almost Home...

"And they answered Joshua, saying, All that thou commandest us we will do, and whithersoever thou sendest us, we will go." (vs.16)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Sara! I catch myself at times, when I lose the sight of the battle I am in... Is it possible to be in the bathe and not know it? The answer would be “NO”. I realized, while reading/listening to your post, that the times when we lose the sight of the battle is when we step out of the army of Christ... That is scary… As I am living the day to day life in little city of Grove, I am indeed in the battle! Yes, alone, with no other solders in sight, but I am in the battle. Tending to the patients in the hospital, sitting for hours on the floor of my apartment, doing never ending homework; driving/walking around town, doing the errands – it’s not just a routine of life, it the battle. I can’t possibly allow Satan to make me believe; that all this is just part of life… no… it is the battle! Because when I am going through the motions of daily routine, I am hopefully not doing it for myself, but for Him, and Him alone. No matter how big or small, how important or seemingly pointless task is, when we obey, He wins the battle… We’re almost home indeed! Thanks for inspiring and rekindling the courage and determination in me to keep fighting  .

  2. You're right, it is scary...And yes, yes! You're not fighting alone,and you put it all so beautifully Inga,"hopefully not doing it for myself, but for Him, and Him alone." Yes, *amen*...almost Home...