Thursday, April 8, 2010

Graduation Date: Unknown?

So at this point, I am not sure I will be able to graduate in December after all. In order to do practicum, I have to be registered for the fall semester, and in order to register for the fall semester, I have to have financial clearance, which I didn't have until yesterday. I then found out that registration was already closed till the 1st of June. It closed on Monday. My practicum starts May 3rd.
When I found all this out, I naturally felt like getting into a fine frenzy... But I was able to stay calm, and I hurried over to my academic advisor. I explained everything to her, and she immediately made a phone call to records office to try to work things out. The lady in charge of registration opening or something is out of the office till next week. So my advisor told me that she would talk to the progressions coordinator and the nursing proffesor in charge of practicum, and told me to call her sometime next week to see how things were going.
My advisor called me this morning saying that the progressions coordinator for the nursing program advised her to e-mail the lady that is out of the office in Records, and explain my situation. So that is where things stand now.
I am so grateful that I have an advisor who I know will do everything she can to make this happen. She was instrumental in me miraculously getting into the nursing program in the first place, so if anyone can get the records office to register me, it's her.
Ultimately though, God alone can make this work out. It's very frightening for me to think that humanly speaking, there isn't a way for me to graduate in December. The truth is, I haven't allowed myself to think too much on that, because it really is overwhelming for me. It would be I wouldn't graduate until a whole year after I was supposed to. So instead right now I am trying to focus on trusting God, and trying to imagine just how He's going to work this out.
I am praying. There is nothing else I can do. I have to remind myself that no amount of worrying on my part can change the situation.
I'm tempted to play the blame game on myself, since our proffesor told us way back in early March to work things out with our financial advisor so that we could register. And the truth is I might have been able to scrounge up the money earlier, but since I did not realize registration closed early this year, I naturally waited as long as I could to mention my financial situation to my mom, who is the one who has to pay. I thought I was doing fine, until I realized I was one day late. It's actually really complicated, but yeah, I can't go blaming myself right now. It doesn't help things.
So if anyone happens to read this, please pray for Gods will to be done, and for grace on my part to accept whatever may come.


  1. Oh wow...I'll be praying for you Sara! God is still in control. :-)

  2. Thanks so much Azure, and yes, you're right!

  3. I'm praying for the situation Sara, you've come this far and I know God is alive and well! That's so nice that you have a great advisor, just keep doing what she tells you and you should be fine. Love you!

  4. Thanks Sue,
    At this point I'll just be glad to know for sure wether it's a "yes" or a "no".
    Thanks for calling today. I hope tonight goes well!:)
    Love you too. See you soon!