Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Odds and ends

So here are some random news items from my life.
#1 SAU finally hired someone to get rid of the skunks. yay!
#2 Babe Kitty is pregnant

#3 It's midterm break- I survived my exams! :)
#4 Sam has been home for 6 aweome days!
#5 I still haven't put up the hummingbird feeder- I'm so evil.
#6 It has been in the 80s here in TN.(and I'm real tired of it.)
#7 Diana is living with us now, and she's an awesome cook:)
#8 McCain and Palin need to take a hike. (that doesn't mean I'm pro Obama either)
Okay I think that's it for now.

~Here's sis Andrea with Babe kitty


  1. Yea! A blog from Sara!!!
    SAU had skunks? Well...I guess it is the south. It has been 80 degrees here too but tomorrow its supposed to cool down to normal fall temps and I am sooo glad.

    That is awesome that you've had Sam and Diana at home and that you get to KEEP Diana! :)

  2. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for all the little comments you have dropped on my blog. They are always encouraging to read. Right now I am passing a 5 hour layover in an airport, in route to my little "jungle home." I will be back this afternoon! I hope you have a wonderful midterm break!